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Over the shoulder view of and stock broker trading online while accepting orders by phone.

Trading & Markets

Financial Markets move quickly and the conversations can be extremely high value and full of jargon. 

Fifth Logic iQ can understand your trading conversations between sales, traders, clients and market participants.

Are your traders colluding, are they offering out of scope advice, have they entered a trade incorrectly, are they being abused, are there potential trades they haven't realised. Detecting all of this is possible with Fifth Logic iQ and much more.

Key Benefits

Trading and Markets

Fifth Logic iQ ingests real time voice data across voice channels including mobile, landline, and intercom. Using advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), FLiQ understands trading language and terminology. FLiQ can spot unusual phrases in conversations, missing disclaimers, financial advice where it should not be given and much more. Furthermore, FLiQ can do this across most of your trading conversations in real time, giving you broad coverage and identifying fraud as it happens.


Fifth Logic iQ uses modern data fabric technology to ingest many data types in real time. In one test, FLiQ ingested data from order books, trading platforms and voice, and correlated the data in real time to produce a holistic view of trader activity.


With a comprehensive view, business rules and AI were used to look for fraudulent activity and other compliance issues, such as trade entry error where the trade called in over the phone did not match the manually keyed order.

Fifth Logic iQ uses data fabrics which speeds up the implementation many times over, often with business value delivered in weeks not years. This dramatically reduces the cost of implementation and ongoing changes resulting in a healthy ROI for the platform.

Prioritise reducing risk in your trading desk


Reducing the risk of trading and financial crime in your organisation in an efficient manner should be a priority. Fifth Logic iQ ties together interactions to identify patterns, suspicious behaviour, and highlights unseen opportunities

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