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You have successfully configured your Microsoft tenant so that the Fifth Logic iQ platform can join your Microsoft Teams meetings and transcribe them.

Key Benefits

Financial Advice Solution

Few industries have been subjected to such regulatory scrutiny as the Financial Adviser industry. Most Adviser-Client meetings are not recorded, the definative record of the meeting is the Adviser write up called a file note. Advisers manually create statements of advice. Compliance manually auditing 1/100 client files. Regulators are busy auditing and fining!  Large Banks are busy exiting. The result is fewer Advisers, and higher costs for clients. 

Enter Fifth Logic iQ. All adviser client meetings are recorded be they in person, mobile, via Zoom/Teams, landline or call centre.  Meetings are transcribed with 90% + accuracy. AI intelligently understands the financial advice process and conversation automating the fact find, investment needs, insurance requirments, financial goals and many other parts of the meeting. File notes are produced automatically, the statement of advice is pre-populated and key sections can be exported to existing planning tools. Compliance is automated across all Adviser-Client interations. Upsell/cross-sell opportunities are highligthed to the Adviser. Adviser training needs are identified.


Fifth Logic iQ revolutionises the Advice process​.

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