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Market Leading Technology

Real-time event driven
Security by design

Hybrid cloud - Run in your cloud or ours


Market Leading Technology

Fifth Logic iQ is built on market leading technology leveraging Data Fabrics, Schema on Read, Containerisation and API first to deliver a real time, event driven  platform which is the leader in the market.  Able to process unlimited data volumes and conversations in real time, correlating them for unprecendented insights and actions. Future proof your organisation wIth Fifth Logic iQ.

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Hybrid Cloud - Your cloud or ours?

Fifth Logic iQ is native hybrid cloud meaning it can run in any cloud or on any physical infrastructure.  If you are an AWS house - we can run there, Azure - we can run there, Google  -  we can run there, IBM - we can run there. We can deploy into your VPC on any of these clouds so that your data never leaves your virtual private network (VPC). Fifth Logic iQ can even run your physical servers in your own data centre if that's your thing. Alternatively, see our SaaS offering below.


Secure SaaS

Fifth Logic can host your Fifth Logic iQ instance on a secure SaaS platform in partnership with a major technolgy firm like IBM. Fifth Logic SaaS platform is supported by IBM under a global support model and your data is secure on our Software-as-a-Service platform.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Fifth Logic iQ is built on modern Data Fabric technology and can easily ingest voice, transaction and customer data.  Fifth Logic iQ can contribute data back to your Data Warehouse or Analytics platform or the data can be analysed on the iQ platform.

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