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How it Works?
Conversational Intelligence in real time with supervised AI

The voice interactions in your business are conducted on many channels between customers, staff, managers, agents, sales, advisers, compliance, regulators and many more. The interactions, tone, topics, intent and language are all critical to understanding what is happening in your organisation.

  • Can you auto-populate staff deliverables and forms to save time?

  • What's the next best conversation to have with your client?

  • Are your staff under stress?

  • Are your sales staff over extending the truth?

  • Are fraudsters trying to phish you? 

  • Did your staff breach any regulations?

  • Are you clients happy?

  • Can compliance see the regulatory status of all conversations in real time?

Configurable Dashboards give you insight, customisable screens allow your staff to action insights, analytics allow you to investivate, APIs integrate back into your key operational systems.

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Conversational Intelligence across Enterprise Voice

Fifth Logic iQ ingests voice data from any source including mobiles, landlines, call centre systems, teams, zoom and even in-person meetings. We talk about 'Whole of Enterprise' Conversational Intelligence and we see this as key to unlocking the full power of voice data for your organisation.

Correlate Voice with your Organisational Data

Fifth Logic iQ ingests voice data but also structured data which dramatically expands the use cases. Consider a voice scenario where bank account details are given over the phone. Fifth Logic iQ can ingest the existing and newly entered bank details from your systems , then correlate the bank details given over the phone with the record on your systems, all in real time.

Speed of Implemenation

Fifth Logic iQ uses Data Fabrics to speed implementation. Typically, we implement use cases in weeks cutting the cost of implementation and getting a strong ROI quickly. ROI's can be as little as 3 months with Fifth Logic iQ meaning the project pays for itself within 3 months.

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