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Dive Into the New Age of Conversational Intelligence

Case Studies

Financial Advise & Wealth Management

Financial Advice is a complex verbal interaction between Adviser and client. There are many subtleties to the conversation. Fifth Logic iQ can process these interations in real time. Benefits include automated file notes, automated statement of advice and automated compliance boosting productivty and lowering the cost of advice.

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Over the shoulder view of and stock broker trading online while accepting orders by phone.

Trading and Markets

Trading and Markets involve complex verbal interactions between sales, traders and clients. These conversations include market jargon and can be difficult to understand for non-market people. Fifth Logic iQ understands trading terminology and processes these interactions in real time, correlating conversational intelligence with client and trade data. Read More


What's your Challenge?

Our market leading platform Fifth Logic iQ can be configured for your use case in weeks. Contact us today to discuss your challenge. Our platform makes conversational intelligence easy to implement with a fast ROI.

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