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Fifth Logic iQ

Conversational Intelligence in Financial Services


Explainable AI unlocks Conversation intelligence in real-time

Data Fabrics correlate Conversational intelligence with your Organisational data, bringing instant value to your organisation

Voice is the largest untapped data source on the planet

Everyday people in your organisation talk  with clients, regulators, partners and each other. What they say and how they say it tells you more about your business than all of your existing data sources combined.

Automate Compliance

Automate compliance across enterprise voice using AI and  Business Rules. Pick from thousands of pre-configured controls or set your own. Realtime dashboards, notifications or even transaction stops.

 Identify Sales Opportunities

Assist front line staff by identifying sales opportunities. Bring the prompts from your most experienced staff to your whole team. See who has the best sales success and why.  Identify next best conversation in real time.

Staff Wellbeing

Your staff work hard for your business but sometimes the pressure can mount. See which staff are seeing the most challenging cases and feeling the pressure. Help them cope befure the pressure gets to them.

Improve Productivity

Generate outputs and deliverables from your conversations. Fill in file notes, forms, applications, statements and much more with Fifth Loogic iQ. Edit the deliverables and create a final version with track changes.

Training & Development

See who is performing best and who needs to improve. How do your best performing staff do so well, train your other staff with these methods. Which staff wander off the path more, what are the results. Who is raising the most compliance alerts, identify them and train them on best practice.


Fraud Detection

Is your organisation under attack? Are fraudsters tartgetting you and your clients. Detect fraud in real time. Put an automated hold on accounts under attack. Notify compliance of attack. Review historical calls for previous attacks.

Are You Ready to Innovate Your Business?

Ready to Innovate?

At Fifth Logic, we are passionate about delivering amazing  outcomes for our clients. We use advanced technology to delver deep insights into your voice data in real time. Structured business rules interpret, guide and take actions for your business. For example, you may need to offer guidance to a staff member, generate a document from the conversation, notify compliance of a problem or stop a transaction due to a fraud threat. Fifth Logic iQ can do it all.

The Fifth Logic iQ platform is a game changer in our industry. The platform can be deployed to any cloud, configured in weeks and trained for your business seamlessly and continously.

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